Sales Enablement for Dummies

May 1, 2017 Matthew Cook

“Sales enablement is the technology, processes, and content that empower sales teams to sell efficiently at a higher velocity.” This is the official definition we’ve all agreed upon. But what does it mean? You’re no dummy, but you might still be confused.

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Let’s break down this definition to get to the heart of what it actually entails.


Today’s sales environment is highly technical and digital. We have a wealth of tools, apps, and technologies at our disposal to improve sales processes and make sales reps’ lives easier. There’s a wealth of data we can take advantage of to learn more about our prospects, learn what’s working and what’s broken in the sales process, and learn how to improve.

Sales enablement is largely technology-based. It relies on sales tools and technology to significantly improve sales departments. CRM software offers visibility, organization, and automation, for example. Prospecting tools make the act of finding new business less time consuming and tedious. Digital signing software makes sending and receiving documents faster and more efficient.

Every sales organization can benefit from better sales tools. A sales enablement expert can help identify areas for improvement, recommend the best tools as solutions, and train your reps to use them.


Today’s sales processes are incredibly different from those of the past. It’s night and day, really. Sales enablement aids in the creation of sound sales processes based on today’s best practices and buyer behaviours. These procedures can help your business adapt to the new way customers buy.

An enablement expert will review your current processes, see where they’re out of date, identify broken pieces and areas for improvement, then work with you to determine better sales practices that cut costs, streamline selling, and improve sales.


Today’s consumers can’t get enough information. They’re scouring the internet to find out as much as they can about different solutions, companies, price points, reviews, and more. Because they can find virtually everything they want online, customers are more informed than ever before.

That means your salespeople are no longer the gatekeepers of information. They need to offer insight that can’t be readily found online to gain trust, build credibility, and establish authority. This means they need more sales content, like case studies and testimonials.

Sales enablement strategies emphasize the value of content in sales. As a result, they ensure all assets are informative and easily accessible.

Selling Efficiently

Did you know sales people only spent a third of their time selling last year? That means two-thirds of their valuable time was spent on time-consuming, repetitive, and tedious administrative tasks like generating reports, entering data, creating content assets, and printing documents.

This a significant waste of time in your most valuable department. Sales enablement offers tools, tech, and processes to cut through this inefficiency, so your salespeople can spend more time selling and generating revenue.

Sell at a Higher Velocity

Sales enablement provides many solutions that allow your reps to sell at a higher velocity. It offers them the data they need to learn about their prospects so they can have better and more meaningful conversations. These processes also generate data about their own sales performances, so they can continuously improve their selling strategies. Participants can take advantage sales coaching and sales training as well, which will help them gain the knowledge and confidence they need to sell in an inbound world. Enablement evenfostersa collaborative environment within your organization, which allows your staff to sellsteadily.

When sales people can sell at a higher velocity, they generate more revenue for your company.

There you have it: The definition of sales enablement, explained.

 What Is Sales Enablement?

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