7 Reasons Why Businesses Should Be Blogging

November 3, 2016 Solange Messier

Many businesses may still be wondering what a business blog can really do for them and whether it’s worth the time and effort to try something new. In comparison to their expensive and time consuming counterparts of marketing and sales, it seems like a strategy that’s way too good to be true. Low costs, high ROI, solid success tracking, and inflated sales are all reasons why blogging makes sense. Let’s take a look at why your business should start blogging, if you haven’t already.

1. It Drives Traffic

Let’s be real; we all want more visitors to our website. So what’s the best way to gain new visitors? A business blog.

Blogging creates valuable content on your website that drives traffic to not only the blog, but also to the products or services that you’re selling. It doesn’t stop here. Not only does a blog create another indexed page through Google,butit is also another opportunity to be shared through social media or linked over other blogs. A business blog will create more followers, an influx of interested prospects, and will lead to increased sales just by displaying helpful information related to your business.

2. Establish Credibility

Consistent and well-writtenblogging proves to customers that you know what you’re doing. Being perceived as an expert or industry leader is exactly the image you want your potential customers to have, whether they’re steady followers or they happen across your blog though a search result. This creates a reliable image for the customer to trust when it comes down to making purchasing decisions, while also keeping your business fresh and up to date on new information, technology,andconcepts.

3. Relate with Your Customers

Think of how hard it is to get in touch with real people at big companies, let aloneeasily interact with them online. A blog gives you and your prospects the opportunity to do just that while giving your business a defined voice that customers can learn to rely on. A business blog is meant to be casual and conversational, not strictly formal like some website content, and it takes away the pressure of getting in touch. Customers appreciate the ease of interacting from home or during their busy workday with quick and easy answers or an open discussion.

4. Bump up Your Search Rank

It’s a fact: blogs willincrease your SEO. This means that your great tips, tricks, and everything you’re offering will make it to the eyes of customers before your competitors can do so, simply by being closer to the top of the search engine results. By intentionally including keywords and topics within your posts based on how your customers would search for your related services, your content will be easier to find and your targeted traffic will be increased.

5. It’s Cheap

A business blog is easy and cheap! Compared to outbound marketing, which can cost thousands of dollars in advertising, tradeshow registrations, and cold calling, its ROI is significantly higher and the costs are minimal. Even when using a professional inbound marketing company to create your content and strategy, you can expect to save thousands on marketing and advertising costs, and get customers to come right to you instead.

6. Secure Leads

Content converts to leads and leads equate to sales. Better yet, targeted content creates qualified leads, and you can see where we’re going with this. By attracting readers that are already interested in what’s offered on your website, you’re equipping them with expert information that they need to make their purchase. Whether they’re in the preliminary stages of buyer research or they’re ready to purchase, a business blog can be a prospect’s first step to becoming your next customer.

7. Analyze Success

One of the best advantagesof a business blog is that the results are measurable and easily tracked. Your metrics—whether viewers, clicks, timing, or purchases—can be translated into buyer timelines, personas, or contact lists. They’re a direct indication on what is and isn’t working. This makes it easy to make changes or improve aspects of your blog and content and watch the leads roll in.

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